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Trying to put yourself first without hurting your parents? Struggling with certain aspects of your identity? Feeling stuck, alone and lost? Welcome to this space, where help each other navigate these problems. Trust me, there's more of us than you think.

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My name is Firdevs. I am a first generation Turkish-Canadian. I spent the first 15 years of my life in Calgary, Alberta, near the beautiful Rockies. The next 9 years of my life were spent in Turkey/Iraq until I moved back to Canada (Toronto) in 2019. My story is a very long one. I struggled a lot with balancing the two different cultures I grew up with. My parents' culture on one hand, and the Canadian one on the other hand. It was not easy navigating my life with these two vastly differing worldviews, especially as a teenager and in my early 20s. I felt hopeless, alone, and soul crushed at times. I've endured a lot of pain and learned a lot of lessons. I created this space to share the lessons with you and hopefully help you get through your pain and struggles. You have one life to live. Let it be yours, not anyone else's.

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A Letter To My Parents

I wish things were different. I wish your individuality was not attached to my achievements. That way you wouldn’t feel so disappointed all

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